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Concussion Therapy

What is a concussion?

A concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury usually resulting from a blow to the head. It is vital to find a specialist that can decide when someone has completely recovered from a concussion and is safe to resume school, childcare, work, and sports. Despite the prevalence of concussions, each individual presents with unique symptoms and has varied recovery times.

What is post concussion syndrome?

Post concussion syndrome is a prolonged recovery from a concussion. Post concussion symptoms can include, but are not limited to dizziness, imbalance, headaches, confusion, memory problems, nausea/ vomiting, sleepiness, sleep changes, foggy-headedness.

While concussion symptoms may take days, weeks, or even years to resolve, the physical, emotional, and mental consequences of post-concussion syndrome are gaining awareness. However, concussions are quite treatable with the right specialist and medical team.

How can concussion therapy help?

Your treatment plan starts with a thorough physical exam, interview, and past medical history intake. Based on your symptoms and exam findings, we prescribe the appropriate exercises, treatments, referrals and protocols that will get you back to normal as soon as possible. Specialized concussion therapy addresses the individualized goals and needs of each person.

As a vestibular and neurological therapist, Dr. Valerie Johnson, PT has specialized clinical expertise and experience in evaluating concussions and treating concussion symptoms. We understand the seriousness of concussions and implement best physical therapy practices to ensure a complete and expedited recovery.


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We understand the seriousness of concussions and implement best physical therapy practices to ensure a complete and expedited recovery.

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Exercise Essentials for Parkinson’s Disease
by Dr. Valerie Johnson, PT, DPT

You don’t have to be a physical therapist to be an expert at exercise. All you need are some clear guidelines, a lot of effort, and little creativity. That’s what it takes to stay on top of your PD symptoms, slow the progression of PD, and enjoy a better life. In this guide, you will learn some tricks of the trade about how and why you should be exercising with PD.

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